What are the types of cranes used in construction?

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February 26, 2020

What are the types of cranes used in construction?

There are various types of cranes used in construction sites. A crane is a machine that has the capability of lifting, lowering and moving heavy materials.

Listed below is a few common types of Construction Crane: 

  • Tower Crane
  • Truck Mounted Crane
  • Hydra Crane
  • Crawler Crane
  • All-Terrain Crane


What are crawler cranes used for?

There are many uses for a crawler crane, and a wide range of sizes and types to choose from depending upon the application. Crawler cranes can be used for Demolition, Bridge/Road construction, Cargo loading, and even Removal of debris. There are other types of crawler cranes such as lattice crawlers and telescopic crawlers.

Crawlers can be used on different varieties of surfaces. Crawlers work great on soft surfaces due to the equal weight distribution on the tracks. There is also a wide range of attachments you can put on a crawler crane.


How can you tell apart  a Crawler Crane and a Hydraulic Crane?

Hydraulic cranes and Crawler cranes are both often used at construction sites and other areas that require hosting or lifting very large and/or very heavy objects. Both these equipment have the crane features to lift or move the loads, cargoes, and any type of materials that are needed to move from one location to another.


I. Crawler Crane

The crawler crane is the suitable equipment for low to medium locations. Crawler cranes are strong, wide and they need to be installed for deployment and disassembled after use. This type of crane will fly with a package as well.

A crawler crane is the perfect machinery used in rough land areas, both soil types, and any weather conditions. The crawler crane is a crane with extra-strength variant and is suitable for any rough terrain. The hydraulic crawler crane, however, is a combination of both styles of a crane and it incorporates the characteristics of both cranes, allowing further loads to be filled and raised from one position to another.


II. Hydraulic Crane

A Hydraulic crane comes in the form of a truck and is known as a truck-mounted crane, while the crawler crane is a type of crane of its right and is allowed by its caterpillar tracks to travel around the site from one position to another.

Hydraulic cranes in the shape of the normal two sets of hydraulic pumps are operated by an internal hydraulic system. The hydraulic pumps give it sufficient strength to routinely raise a large amount of weight. A hydraulic crane can appear in various designs and styles of cranes.

The most common hydraulic crane design is the hydraulic truck crane. A hydraulic crane can have railroad wheels or caterpillar tracks as its method of locomotion.


Why do lattice booms usually come fitted with crawler cranes?

Crawler cranes are usually fitted with lattice booms. As crawler cranes are commonly used in closed premises and, given their size, they do not use public roads. Therefore, pushing the cranes with elevated boom within the premises is easy without the need to lower the length of the boom.

Given its duration, the lattice boom has a strong capacity factor advantage as compared to telescopic booms, given its duration. And lattice booms are generally preferable to telescopic booms when repeated duration shifts are required.

When truck-mounted cranes are mostly used as a method of storage in public and when installed with lattice boom, the same has to be moved separately by other means each time and this need is retrieved by a telescopic boom. Truck-mounted cranes should have telescopic booms instead of lattice booms. As lattice blooms are easier to use, lattice booms are favored in crawler cranes given the higher capacity as these cranes have to travel short distances so traveling with large booms would not be a problem.


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